WesLor has designed and developed several unique products for use by factories, contractors and municipalities. Here are just some of our innovations:

The Brush Claw

WesLor’s Brush Claw is a grapple attachment for your tractor that revolutionizes the process of clearing debris from your land. Working in conjunction with your tractor’s front-end loader, the Brush Claw grapple enables your machine to easily grab and hold on to anything from tree limbs to concrete blocks (see the images below).


  • Easy on/off installation.
  • Capable of grasping and lifting to the capacity of the tractor.
  • Designed to fit compact tractors and skid loaders with quick detach adapter.
  • Designed to fit modern style utility Kubota buckets (4′ & 6′).
  • Can be powder coated in any color to match your brand of equipment.
  • Weight approx. 800lbs.

Photos of the Brush Claw:

The Trash Tracker

WesLor was commissioned by the Village of Phelps to work with them to develop a trash management device. The result is The Trash Tracker system which accurately meters trash to within 1/10th of a pound. This modern, user-friendly system weighs and meters trash and completely automates the process of waste management for municipalities, multiple dwellings, office buildings, etc. Our custom-built Transfer Station equipment is already in use by the Village of Phelps and has received praise by town officials and residents alike for its ease of use and quality workmanship. Watch the video below to see how the Trash Tracker works!


  • Ability to charge by the pound accurately.
  • Adaptable to any size configuration.
  • All welded and powder coated construction.
  • Guarded and controlled for safe operation.

Photos of the Trash Tracker: